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Global Galaxxy offers completely free listing for the first month. A token payment of $1 is deducted initially, which gets returned to you immediately on confirmation of the payment.
From the second month onwards, a nominal listing charge of $19.99 will be charged from your registered payment method. The payment will be deducted automatically.
There are no additional costs what so ever! Unlike other business aggregators, we do not charge a commission per transaction, so the monthly subscription fees are all that you pay for unlimited number of orders, bookings and ticket purchases through the Apps.
To know more about business listing and details, you can call us at 1-678 754 7530 or 1-678 999 4484 or email us at info@globalgalaxxy.com.
Click Sign up and fill in the details to make your business account. Once the payment of $1 is confirmed, it gets refunded immediately, and you are granted access to the Vendors' Portal.

After that, you can:
1. Choose a Category
Choose a category that best describes your business to the visitors. We have exciting options from Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs and Cruises across USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Caribbean Islands to choose from. Be it a top holiday destination or exotic tourist gateway, Global Galaxxy has them all.

Listing on Global Galaxxy is absolutely free for the first month. A nominal fee is charged from the second month onwards. The best part is that, unlike all other existing aggregators, we do not charge a commission per transaction. The nominal monthly fee is all that you spend in return of the enormous exposure you get worldwide!

2. Upload your Business Details

Upload all details for your selected business using the Vendor dashboard. Once you are signed up, you have access to customize all aspects about your business, including Name, Location, Images, Videos & Average Costs.
You may also add all Room Types, Amenities and Availability details for Hotels; Table Types, Availability and Costs for Table Reservation and Food Menu as per various Categories and Sub-Categories with costs, details and ingredients for Restaurants and Eateries. For Night Clubs and Cruises, you may upload Ticket Costs and special packages as well as dates and availabilities.

3. Manage your Business

Your Vendor Portal will grant you access to all data about your business including feedback posted by your customers.
Order Management is very simple using the customised dashboard and the advanced Customer Relationship Management tools assist with unlimited advertising, promotion and tracking. All reporting functions are enabled therein.
Global Galaxxy APP helps you to list your business (Restaurant, Lounge, Club, Bar, Hotels, Cruises, etc.) all around the world. Through our Global Galaxxy App, potential customers seek and connect with you quickly and avail the services offered by you!