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Discover fresh hotels, new restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs and exotic cruises from all around the World. Global Galaxxy is the most preferred destination to search, review, book and order all your holiday and tourism packages in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the Carribean.

With Global Galaxxy, fun is never too far away. Enjoy the advanced search of restaurants and visitor opinions. Type ‘’delicious salmon’’ and discover places where you can try the tastiest fish in your location. 

Global Galaxxy is the perfect for you if

-you are a gourmet who prefers a grand cuisine;
-you like to eat tasty and cheap meals;
-you need to eat something on the go;
-you want to find a place for a romantic evening;

- you hate missing out on the most happening night-spots in town
- you are the one who values trends the most.

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We are the most powerful aggregator of multiple databases within the five prmary countries worldwide, where Users can easily reach their favourite restaurants, hotels, clubs and cruises through our mobile applications. With Global Galaxxy, it’s always super easy to find the best places to dine-in based upon user preferences. Locating budget hotels, premium luxury destinations and booking night-outs and cruise vacations is as easy as it gets.

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